IP Transit

We offer free IPv4 and IPv6 tunnel, peering and transit service over a bunch of PoPs and gateways. A tunnelbroker service for IPv6 connectivity is also available. Alle services are based on our own AS212895 which having a bunch of top major transit providers, peerings and are having a lot of Internet Exchanges are available.

Transit (full table, default route and partial routes) can be provided via direct Internet Exchange peerings (LINX, LONAP, DE-CIX FRA/DUS/MUN, NL-IX, KleyRex, LocIX, SBIX, EVIX and others) or via tunnels (EoIP, GRE(6), SIT, IPIP/IPIP6 and more) to one of our tunnel servers.

What do you get for free:

IPv6 and/or IPv4 ip transit
RPKI / IRR based prefix filters
We advertise your routes to all transit providers, peerings and Internet Exchanges (fully DFZ visibility)
Transport networks
Full, default or partial routing table of DFZ
200M bandwidth
Discord community

Service can be fully managed via self service portal: Manager